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Nerd Music Meltdown #13: Mag.Lo

Hitting you harder than a New Day rap battle with Mega Ran on Smackdown, it’s the Nerd Music Meltdown! On this episode, Kent (@fistofthemfk) sits down at the CEO Fighting Game Championships with the...

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Nerd Music Meltdown: Under Polaris

It’s been a while but we have a new episode of the Nerd Music Meltdown! This time, Kent (@fistofthemfk) chats with Steve and Kit of Under Polaris! (@underpolaris) FREE Audio Download:… Hailing from...

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Coning To An E3 Zima Movie Review

Direct Download Flying solo once more the Godfather talks briefly bout conventions before talking about E3. Plus he talks about who he thinks would win in a fight between Wonder Woman vs Thor while...


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