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This blog came about during a time before Geek World Order existed in the time when Myspace was still actually used by people on a regular basis. I thought I would share this blog with you all today. Taken from an idea on Trekcast and various incarnations from Slacker and the Man, today I bring to you my ideal starship crew. This one uses characters from various television shows and movies. None of the characters are from a Star Trek series.


Nathan Bridger (SeaQuest DSV)

A good level headed, intelligent captain that has enough experience to be an effective captain.

First Officer

Roberts Epps (Transformers and TF: ROTF)

Good character on the battlefield and invaluable to Captain Lennox. Would be the guy to lead away missions while Bridger stayed on the ship.

Security Officer / Tactical

Jayne Cobb (Firefly)

Man knows his guns and has survived countless Reaver attacks.


Kaylee Frye (Firefly)

best Engineer in the galaxy. Has cost at least one chief engineer their job. and she’s cute. great combo.

Helm Officer

Rowdy Burns (Days of Thunder)

The best thing to hit the racing world is good enough for the helm of a starship.

Science Officer

Abby Sciuto (NCIS)

Watching her interact with the rest of this crazy crew would be interesting. Besides, CSI type show science is just as valid as sci-fi science.

Chief Medical officer

Dr. Gregory House (House)

The best doctor on TV right now. He’ll heal you after he almost lets you die for being stupid.

Ships Counselor

Dr. Sydney Freedman (MASH)

Only the most qualified psychological professional can deal with a crew of this diversity. After dealing with Klinger, Hawkeye, and the others, this might be an easy job for Sydney. then again, probably not. He will have to deal with House eventually.


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