’s Twincast Episode #4: Win and Cake

Look at your computer. Now look at my computer. Back to your computer, now back to mine. What is my computer have that your does not? One of the most beautiful Transformers discussion known to a man, the sound of special guest Linkara discussing Pat Lee’s Transformers – all of this assembled into one hour of goody goodness. How do you get this sound onto your computer? You go through this news story, look at it’s wonderfully written English, and click the downloadable links at the end of it. Now look at my computer, the Podcast is now diamonds! Anything is possible when you’re a listener of the Twincast/Podcast. I’m on a fembot.

Episode #4: Win and Cake

The Celebrities:

  • Skice as Deadpool’s stunt double
  • Blurrz as The Rabid Wolverine
  • Counterpunch as DM 63
  • Pyrostrata as A Witch Girl in Capri Pants
  • Tigertracks_24 as Snake Eyes
  • Seibertron as Bossman

The Special Guest:

  • Linkara as A deadly bee weapon! Bees….. my god.


News covered in this episode:


Special Guest Feature:

That Week In Transformers History:


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