V’s Original Hero Marc Singer Returns To The New Show

V's Original Hero Marc Singer Returns To The New Show

It looks like the contention for top alpha on ABC’s revival of 80’s epic V is about to get a lot more interesting. TV Guide reports that none other than the hero of the show’s original incarnation Marc Singer is set to join the cast of the new show. Otherwise best known for oiled pecs and loincloths in the Beastmaster films, Singer made his mark playing resistance leader Mike Donovan on the original show. This time, however, he’ll be leaving behind both his broadsword and Members Only jacket for what will likely be high tech surveillance equipment and a paranoid, grizzled demeanor. His new character, Lars Tremont is described as being part of a “super top secret organization comprised of high-ranking military and government leaders from around the globe.” This clandestine group has apparently been suspicious of the Visitors all along and have been slowly gathering enough intel on them to expose what they truly are. (Which, of course, are lizard-like humanoids disguised in constituted human flesh — some of which, are kind of hot.) So, coupled with the return of the original show’s guinea pig-swallowing evil mastermind seductress Jane Badler, what effect will the return of V’s lizard-smashing cameraman-turned-ass-kicker mean for the struggling show?

It’s certainly been a mixed bag of luck for ABC’s V. Starting strong in its initial premiere, the show found itself struggling with the ratings through the remainder the meager 12 episodes of its first season. But, not unlike the burgeoning resistance movement on the show, it’s nevertheless managed to survive. It will return on January 4, for what will be yet another abbreviated season, as ABC has cut down its episode order from 13 to just 10 episodes. Some may perceive such a dramatic cut as a kiss of death from the network (as opposed to Fox, which just moves good shows to Fridays to watch them die. Oh, Fringe…) However, V will actually have a pretty good chance to prove itself when it moves to Tuesday nights at 9 PM (a slot usually reserved for the Dancing with the Stars results show) with the superhero drama No Ordinary Family as its lead-in.

As far as the show itself goes, the jury’s still deliberating. It was somewhat slow getting out of the gate, but the storyline seemed to be gaining momentum towards the end of last season. The return of the old-school favorites may also add some exciting elements to the mix. While Marc Singer’s return may be bittersweet, since his character will not appear until the season finale, Jane Badler is set to appear in the January 4 premiere as Diana, a character who shares the name of her original villainess role. This Diana, however, will serve as the Mother of Morena Baccarin’s Visitor leader Anna (a character which was loosely based on Badler’s original Diana.) As it happens, this show is still in the process of exposition. Things, therefore, just might get interesting as the story builds towards an impending war between Earth and the Visitors. Elizabeth Mitchell’s Erica Evans and her band of resistance fighters, currently running from the law, could find themselves as reluctant saviors.


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