Prime Time Geek 165: The Best of PTG in 2010


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This episode features the contributions of some wonderfully talented and insightful podcasters, bloggers, and writers, and it’s been an honor to have the opportunity to work with them. In particular, in this episode you’ll find clips from previous episodes featuring:

In addition, I want to give special thanks to Ryan Macdonald of the Talk Nerdy Show for his multiple appearances on PTG, and to Alex Teston of Ghost Shadow Studio for his contributions and his unflagging support and promotion of PTG and its mission. Also, many thanks to Todd Merrick of Heroes Landing, Jeff Melvin of Comic Connection, Juan Carlos Martinez-Sifre of Podnosticast, Terry Cronin of Students of the Unusual and Adventure Chefs, Kent Ward of the Propeller Anime Club, Ryan Scott and the Orlando Ghostbusters, Joseph Carbonell, Joshua Urbanowski, Mark Brown, Lisa Corrao, and perhaps most of all to Geoff and Jennifer Peace of SomaCow, without whose constant support, encouragement, and counsel there’s simply no way the show would have continued this long.

Due to financial constraints, PTG will not air or record again until Sunday, January 23rd. This is a recent and unfortunate development that resulted from poor planning on my part, and for I apologize to our listeners and supporters. We will be back. It’s a promise.


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