Twincast #11: Third Party Crashers


Another two weeks has flown right by, and the Twincast is back on the scene with a brand new episode for your listening pleasure! Check it out this week as we bring the praise and smacktalk on all the latest Transformers news!

First up, all the newest and upcoming figures from Generations and Reveal The Shield! Can we say enough good things about these lines? I think not!

Of course, these aren’t the only highly-anticipated Transformers toylines. So much news, so many leaks, but what are we really getting, and not getting, for Dark of the Moon toys?

As much as we love official product, no one can deny that Third Party companies have well and truly crashed the Transformers party. This week, the Twincast takes a look at some of the coolest unofficial products on the market, with topics including:


And who could forget the “Ask the Twincast” segment? This week’s question comes to us from member Sabrblade. He wants to know: “What do you think of The Headmasters? How does it compare to the first three seasons of the G1 cartoon? Does it fit in with those better than “The Rebrith”? Was “The Rebirth” handled better than The Headmasters was? Which version had the better characters? What were the main pros and cons of this series?”


Thanks for tuning in! That’s all for this week, keep your browser on for all your Transformers needs, and we’ll see you in two weeks!


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