Slacker and The Man 153: Killer Clowns From Outer Space

On this episode of Slacker And The Man, the guys review Killer Clowns From Outer Space and Comic Book Villain, discuss the recently revealed pics of Chris Evans in his Captain America costume and Andrew Garfield in his Spider-Man outfit, answer some listener emails, assign power rings to the individual members of the show, reveal an aborted Batman animated series, find out that George Lucas is a conspiracy theory nut, and Dobbs takes a spelling quiz. The Man also reveals how you can win a signed copy of The Zombie Survival Guide.

To win the signed copy of The Zombie Survival Guide written by Max Brooks, paste this link on Facebook or Twitter with something creative in front of it. Point it out to us on Facebook or Twitter. The most creative one by Feb 1 gets the autographed copy. And there’s no limit to how many submissions you can make. Some of the ones that caught our attention were things like: Brett Farve sexting Michelle Obama or Christina Hendricks topless pics So make it creative!

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