Batman The Dark Knight #1 Review

Batman: The Dark Knight #1 Review

Randy Pence

Warning: This review will be in depth and contain spoilers.

DC Comics has launched a new Batman series. The Dark Knight is a very dark looking series with nice dark and gritty looking art to really add to the atmosphere.

We start with the cover. The cover features a prominent shot of Batman standing on a rooftop with a stern look. Behind him is a red skyline. This doesn’t tell us anything about the book. This can be fine since it is the first issue and you don’t want to give too much away too soon. I do hope the subsequent covers in this series will be a bit more interesting.

The book opes to a flashback and Bruce Wayne reminiscing about an encounter from his childhood with a young girl named Dawn Golden. The main point here is that Bruce was not very fond of her. Almost to the point of out right hating her. She seems to be a very sullen child with some complex daddy issues.

The next scene is in Gotham Police Department. Commissioner Gordon is very angry at the moment. Dawn Golden is now missing and there are no leads at the moment. He berates an annoying new Lieutenant and then shuts himself in his office.

The issue moves to the dark alleys of Gotham. A large man exits a night club and rough handles a few men. The large man is revealed to be Killer Croc. He is shown injecting himself with a syringe. The substance is called Venom. This is revealed as we see Batman following him. Venom appears to be a sort of steroid/hard drug mix. Batman engages Croc. Croc is on an adrenaline rush from the Venom. Batman uses Croc rage to ultimately take him down. Batman strong arms some information out of Croc and finds out Golden was affiliated with a man named Lars Beck. We quickly learn from Gordon that Beck is dead.

Batman is then seen in the Batcave. He decides to check out The Boom Room, the club Beck was affiliated with. At the club, Batman finds a safe with a necklace belonging to Dawn. Outside, an unknown goon has a remote device and disables the Batmobile. At that point, Batman is interrupted by The Penguin, who has four men with very powerful weapons. A few bird related one liners close out the issue on a cliff hanger.

I feel the issue was a solid first issue. I was hooked enough to want to continue with the series and give a fair chance. I do look forward to issue 2. I will give this issue a solid 6.5 out of 10.


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