Dominic Cooper Reveals More Info on CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER

Dominic Cooper has revealed new details about Howard Stark, being a ladies man and how he helps Steve Rogers become Captain America.

He hints at what we’ll find out in the movie saying;

“We learn the whole idea of where Stark Industries comes from, which is out of pure curiosity and creative juices and excitement towards thinking of the future and developing things for good. He’s a Howard Hughes. He’s a guy that loves inventing, that’s extremely intelligent, and that loves his lifestyle as well.”

He’s lets us know if he’s a playa like his son Tony;

“Absolutely. You’re never quite sure where he’s been or where he’s just come from. And it’s always like he’s just come from somewhere in a tuxedo, from showing people his inventions and his new flying machines. He’s great fun.”

He’s ask if his character is important in the movie;

“He’s important because he’s part of the machinery that helps Captain America manipulate his body.”

Cooper is asked if Stark is a father at this point;

“No, he’s still a young man with lots of ambition in an extremely exciting time.”

Finally he’s asked if he gets to do any stunts in the movie, with a short and simple response;

“Um, no.”


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