Slacker & The Man 158: Thor > Captain America


On this episode of Slacker And The Man, the guys recall their weekend at Tampa Comic Con, Dobbs’ conscience sits in for an episode, Ana Aesthetic learns what trim is, they discuss the new Thor trailer, and the new video game trailers for Jurassic Park and Dead Island, what they want to see in a Walking Dead video game, pit Beast Vs Beast Boy in Deadliest Geek Warrior, and ponder Kevin Costner being cast as Pa Kent in the upcoming Superman film.

We forgot to review last week’s netflix movie review, so we’ll pick up with it again next week.

Don’t forget to come join us at Vulcan Events this weekend (Feb 25-27) in Tampa. And Friday night at 7pm there is a special screening of Starship Troopers. What makes this screening special is that Casper Van Dien will be doing a live commentary during the film and  Q&A session afterwards.

For those of you interested in the Slacker And The Man listeners Vs show Call of Duty: Black Ops tournament, email Geeqshuq at

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