Talk Nerdy Show 26: Something Something Something…CAKE!

On this episode of the Talk Nerdy Show we celebrate a whole year of nerd fueled jabber! That’s right, we’ve been at it for a whole year. Aniversary aside, it’s all gaming this week, thanks to Winter-een-mas. We review Breach and Bulletstorm, then get into talk of our favorite MMO, World Of Warcraft in a new segment we like to call “Less QQ, More Pew Pew”. In Less QQ, we discuss guild gripes and noob bitchery.

Caitlin’s character, Chatoyent
Ryan’s character, Hån

Also, this past weekend, Ryan and Caitlin made the trek out to be on Prime Time Geek. As always, Felix was wonderful and we can’t wait to guest again. If you’ve not added Prime Time Geek to your weekly podcast listening list, we strongly urge you to do so!

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