EA Drops All Game Manuals

Electronic Arts Looks Toward More Price Cuts, Digital Sales, Motion Controls

Electronic Arts revealed that the company will no longer be including printed game manuals in its video games. EA isn’t the first publisher to stop including manuals–Ubisoft stopped including printed guides almost a year ago– but it is the largest game-maker to stop including manuals. If you absolutely can’t get by without a diagram that says the left stick is move and the right stick is look, you’ll be able to see any EA game manual online at EA’s support page.

EA says it will reduce printed material in its packages by 40 percent, and that ultimately means less waste, less pollution, and a greener earth. “EA is committed to a healthy and sustainable environment,” said EA COO John Schappert in a statement.

Also, you gotta figure EA is committed to maximizing profits as well; they’ll likely increase profits by lowering printing costs.

What do you guys think? Do you ever look at/use game manuals?


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