Slacker & The Man 162: Waiting On MegaCon

On this episode of Slacker And The Man, Nash and Ana Aesthetic are back. They join the guys in discussing All-Con, the upcoming MegaCon, we debut a new segment called Ana’s Naked News, review Riverworld and Tucker And Dale Vs Evil, give you further proof that Captain America: The First Avenger is going to suck, discuss the new Wonder Woman costume, listen to some emails from Nerdbot, argue Buffy Summers Vs River Tam in Deadliest Geek Warrior, and Dusty brings us another movie quiz.

We also debut another exclusive song from Sci-Fried’s new album, this week it’s “Geek Rock”.

This weekend is MegaCon! Join us and Sci-Fried as we release our new CDs, Future Tense and Deadliest Geek Warrior Vol 1.

If you miss the party but will be at MegaCon, you can also get our CD’s at the Pop City Comics/Heroes Landing table on Saturday from 12p to 1p. And also at the Ghost Shadow Studios table on Saturday from 2p to 3p. Keep informed about where we’re at during MegaCon by following us on twitter

We also have a new Star Trek Themed “Caption This” up

Thanks for listening and look forward to seeing you at MegaCon!


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