Twincast #17: Hall of Fame Getting Bigger


Once again it’s time for a new episode of’s “Twincast/Podcast“. Your favorite podcast crew is back! This episode is hosted by the notorious double spy Counterpunch with editing by the talented Jon3.0. Episode #17 is titled “Hall of Fame Getting Bigger“. The Twincast/Podcast crew discuss the following topics this episode:

Podcast and discussion:

  • Podcast now available in RSS format so that you can subscribe to it
  • The Twincast should be integrated into iTunes by Wednesday (keeps fingers crossed)
  • The latest Podcast can be found in the site’s footer
  • New spotlight images created for all podcasts that didn’t have one before
  • New twincast “logo” now appears in spotlight images
  • The footer was heavily redesigned to have a more modern look based on several other high profile company websites
  • Common images used in site’s header and footer were put into a master sprite file similar to the old sprite files used in old school video games to help reduce the call to files per page load (image can be viewed by clicking here)
  • iTunes link: /podcast/itunes

Hall of fame 2011 nominees sent from fansites to Hasbro – the Twincast/Podcast crew share their thoughts about the Hall of Fame event as well as some of the choices nominated by the various Transformers fansites.





Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime

Other topics of discussion:

  • E-Hobby exclusive United Autobot and Decepticon sets were released this past weekend. Ryan’s working on galleries for them. Teaser pics up on Facebook
  • BotCon Discussion: Primus package sells out in 6 days!
  • Comic discussion: IDW rumors about continuing Marvel’s continuity with Transformers #81
  • Recent Transformer acquisitions

Now that you know what it’s about, you can click here to listen to it!


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