Slacker & The Man 165: MegaCon, Zombies, And Star Trek

On this episode of Slacker And The Man, Ana Aesthetic and Dusty are back and they recap their experiences at MegaCon 2011, then all the guys discuss poker, Black Ops, review Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!, they go over some nerd news (like another costume change for the TV Wonder Woman, Star Trek coming to netflix, and news from Superman, Wolverine, and Expendables 2), they tear apart io9’s list of 10 movies better than Serenity and Empire Strikes Back, and go over Forbes list of the top 15 riches fictional characters, and this week’s Deadliest Geek Warrior is the Star Wars Clone Troopers Vs the Halo UNSC Marines. And Dobbs gets a little surprise at the end of the episode.


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