Sony Promises Hyper Vigilance

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Sony wants you to know that it is very aware of hackers. Very, very aware. The company promises “hyper vigilance” for the PlayStation Network looking forward.

In an interview with Computer and Videogames, Sony Europe’s Andrew House said April’s hacking attack (hattack) “taught Sony — and many other companies — that you have to adopt a stance of hyper vigilance.”

“We are genuinely humbled and extremely grateful to those consumers who have continued to put their trust in us,” House said. “That’s a responsibility we now take even more seriously than we did before. We’ll try our absolute best to try and make our system as secure as we possibly can.”

Given the bottom-line losses the PlayStation Network fiasco caused for the company, the potential losses from jaded consumers, and the potential legal losses in the future, Sony is probably going to be industry leaders in network security.

What do you guys think? Is Sony’s PlayStation Network now safe? Or did the worldwide media attention on the company’s security problems make it an even more attractive target to hackers?


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