Just A Couple of G’s Issue #11: Placenta Stew

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We go Off TATE’S Shelf to review some comics. We review DC Comics: Abin Sur The Green Lantern #2 of , Green Lanterns #67 Conclusion of the GL War, Red Robin #25 Marvel Books FEAR ITSELF Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #521, FEAR ITSELF Ghost Rider #1, Captain America #1 (Steve is back!), Ultimate Fallout #1, The Amazing Spiderman #665, Mystery Men # 3, X-MEN Schism, Image Comics: The Red Wing #1, Aspen Comics: Lady Mechanika #0 & #1 Collected and Issue #2. This week’s Graphic Novel is Cowboys and Aliens and finally in our indie review we discuss Ghost Shadow Studio’s and our very own cast member Alex Teston’s book Torpidity Issue 1. As always send us you love or hate to justacoupleofgs@gmail.com


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