HBO Go Coming To Video Game Consoles


HBO Go, HBO’s service for mobile devices and browsers, will be making its debut on video game consoles soon. The service, which is widely used on iPads iPhones and Androids, has been a huge success for HBO.

During the company’s earnings call, CEO Jeff Bewkes echoed the companies commitment to HBO on the Go with his plan to add the service to consoles and connected TVs.

Details of the new service have not been announced yet, but it does look like an interesting service. I recently started watching True Blood and would love to be able to watch the series in a high definition environment. I don’t have HBO myself, so I have to rely on people I know and other means to watch the series. They also have other series I would like to try and of course their assortment of movies available on the channel.

With the advent of on demand streaming services, does this change the way you look at cable? Many users are ditching cable in favor of services such as Netflix. Blockbuster’s service similar to Netflix also allows for newer release movies and even video games to be rented for their monthly fee. A combination of Netflix, Blockbuster, and an on demand cable channel such as HBO would be considerably cheaper than cable.  I myself have contemplated ditching my cable and going for such a monthly combination and only keeping my cable company for their high speed internet service. I like the ability to have a full entertainment experience through my X-Box 360.

Have you already made the switch to an all on demand entertainment package? Let us know in the comments and tell us if the switch was worth it for you.

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