Spread The Nerd


Spread The Nerd


Right now is one of my favorite times to be a geek. With geek culture coming to a forefront with shows such as The Big Bang Theory, it’s a great time to be a geek with geek culture and acceptance on the rise.


Now with that romanticized view of geekdom, it’s still easy to forget that a lot of geek culture is celebrated at the local level. Whether it’s home run sci-fi and fantasy groups, or hanging out at the comic book shop for hours on end, there is a lot of great potential for geek culture.


Comic book culture in general may be in for some dangerous times. With the rise of digital based comics, it can be easy for people to forget about their local shops. I’ve seen a few shut down and it’s never a fun ordeal. But I came across a campaign recently to help avert that and bring some exposure back to local comic shops.




Spread The Nerd is all about coming together as a geek community and helping out our fellow geeks left out of the loop. With the economy the way it is right now, it’s hard to keep up with comics and pay the bills. The goal is to help alleviate the problem. It’s quite simple. Just go through your collection (hey, you know it’s time to clean out the long boxes.) and pull out some stuff to give out to geeks in need.


Help out a friend in financial straits with some much needed entertainment and a chance to take their mind off things for a few minutes. You can send a care package to a buddy in college who can barely afford meals much less go out.


Another option is to check with your comic shops and see if they have a program to send comics to the troops. Some shops I know have programs where they fill up flat rate shipping boxes with single issues, trades, DVDs, etc and ship them off to different bases. So check with your military buddies and see if you can get an address for their base and take that in with your comics to donate.


Also, bring a friend to your local comic shop. Let them know the shop exists. Bring them to game nights and other events at the shop. It’ll help bring new customers to the and you’ll build a great circle of geeky friends to share your hobby with.


So do your part and help Spread The Nerd.


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