The Electric Information Show Episodes 1 & 2

Hey guys, we’ve run into a new podcast called The Electric Information Show. They’re a few episodes in, so we’ll do a few posts to get you all caught up on them. Check them out.

Episode One: Meat Brownies

It’s the first episode of the Electric Information Show and we start things of with some bona fide star power! We invite Linkara of That Guy with The Glasses / Channel Awesome and TJ Omega of TJ TV to talk about video games, comics, movies and TV shows in a conversation which then devolves into toy collecting, insulting Barry Allen fans and, of course, meat brownies.
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Episode Two: Pretentious Listocracy

This week, Touya and Joe put on their toppiest top hats and mono-y-est monocles and sip tea with FalconReaper and Benjamatic. They discuss their top five favorite videogames of all time and why the hell FalconReaper hasn’t finished Portal 2 yet. Much debate was had and much hearty laughter was laughed. Pip pip. Cheerio. All that rot.
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