Green Arrow #1 Review

DC Green Arrow #1 Review

by Randy Pence

Among the new DC titles available, there were a handful that I was particularly interested in reading. Green Arrow was among those titles.

This book took a great approach to a first issue. The issue was almost nonstop action. The book starts with Ollie on the phone in a conference call to his company while staking out some bad guys in Paris. Once he’s done with that, he switches over to his tech people for some intel before going after the bad guys.

The rest of the issue is Green Arrow kicking ass and throwing off one liners as quickly as he can fire his arrows. That is a great way to introduce a series. Give some action to get hooked on and give a look at the character. The details can be added in as we go along.

Writing and art were both good on this one. I like the way the Green Arrow costume looks.

I loved this book. It lived up to my expectations and this is definitely going into my monthly pool. Pick up this issue and just enjoy a very fun issue.


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4 thoughts on “Green Arrow #1 Review

  1. I have to assume you are either blind or retarded if you think this was good. This read like a Ducktales issue from 91′ Fucking horrible. Some of the worst writing I’ve read all year long. How much is DC paying you? I want my money back.

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