MLAG: Checking In, Updating, Reminding, Reinvigorating, Promoting

Checking In, Updating, Reminding, Reinvigorating, Promoting

Been a while since I talked on here about Spread The Nerd.  Currently, we’ve got two comics care packages out there.  One in South Florida, one in North Florida.  Both have done their job and should be on their way to their next stops soon.  There’s the current map below.
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-Taking a break from hash tagging #spreadthenerd on twitter just to let others do it, just a week.  I search #spreadthenerd a few times daily and am happy to see others doing it consistently.  Some have even added it to the end of their Follow Friday tweets.  Someone else has adopted it as his own thing to promote his music video, and the TV series Chuck uses it to promote the upcoming season 5.  Oh well, I haven’t been sued yet.

– Happy to report that there is a steady stream of views to this blog since starting Spread The Nerd.  Granted it’s about 11 a day or so, and they’re all from searches for DCs New 52, sometimes title and character specific.  Regardless, views is views and I’ll get more of them after I review this week’s batch of new titles.

Just a Couple of G’s just did a three hour episode where they reviewed 27 new titles.  That’s insane. Head over to where the link is pointed and give them a listen, they’re spoiler heavy but they have a way about discussing titles that is pretty awesome it’s a lot more than just “I liked it, it was good, this is what happened.”  And they call artists and writers out on their BS if they need to.  Good times.

-Friends, fans, anyone: My girlfriend is running a Munchkin Demo/Launch Party to celebrate the release of Munchkin Axe Cop next month (Oct 22nd) at Heroes Landing in Clermont.  Come on out and chop some heads off.  Or, find me and we’ll break out the Doctor Who-infused Star Munchkin deck and give that a whirl.  Speaking of…

-I’d put my progress on the new Doctor Who deck at about 80% finished.  I’ve got about 24 or 25 cards completely done and my revisions to the previous deck are done too.  I’ll just need to print and stick those next.  I still have another 3 to find art for and another 5-7 to write.  I’ll get another Munchkin Custom Card Project Update up today or tonight with pictures, as that seemed to be quite popular.

-Last, but not least, if you head over to Geek World Order you’ll find in the blog section, not only, are my Issues here reposted, but I’m also writing exclusives for them as well.

Anyway, everyone, that’s all from me.  Keep checking in here, on facebook, and twitter.  Join the Spread The Nerd cause and introduce some geek into someone’s life.


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