1000 And Counting

1000 And Counting

by Randy Pence

It’s kinda hard to believe that today marks 1000 posts to this very website. It all started out with a basic idea. That idea being to give geeks a place to hang out, find news, and just enjoy being a geek.

What has taken place since then has just been an amazing experience. I have made wonderful new friends, seen exponential traffic growth, and just felt a great bond forming with the geek community. Whether you love Star Trek or Star Wars it has never mattered. I just wanted a place where we could all get together and geek out.

As the idea and thought process behind Geek World Order continues to evolve, I keep wanting to try new ideas. One of the things I’m working hard on is more original content. I am working to write more reviews and I’m trying to get some video things in the pipeline.

One of the ways of creating original content that has worked so far has been my new alliance with Ryan MacDonald of Spread The Nerd. His blog posts have been well received and I will be working on some pieces myself to help expand on that as well as possibly seeking out some other editorialists.

Also to thank are Slacker & The Man and Just A Couple of G’s podcasts. Their support and promotion has helped us reach new areas and I will gladly support and promote them in any way that I possibly can.

Another special thanks is to the band Sci-Fried. Their philosophy of Geeks Unite was a big starting point for the idea for the site. Being completely unashamed of your geekiness and being able to rock out with your Spock out. Thanks for the inspiration guys.

I want to thank all the geeks out there that have made it possible for this site to be where it is today. It’s been that great community forming on this site and our Facebook page that has really made it all possible. There have been many times where this great community has kept me going and pressing on through whatever life hands me. It’s great to be a geek.

So that has been the purpose of this blog. To tell you where the site stands and let you all know some great things are in the works. Thank you for all the support and I hope you all will continue to join me on this big roller coaster ride we call geekdom. Geeks Unite.


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