MLAG: Off My Mind #1: The Doctor is a Ganger!

Off My Mind #1: The Doctor is a Ganger!

By Ryan MacDonald

I’ve been on kind of a Doctor Who kick for a while now, and it’ll come to a head soon enough, but for now, it’s my blog and post what I bloody well please!

Before I continue, this is pure speculation.  I was at Heroes Landing talking to a friend and he laid upon me a mind blowing theory about how the entire Death of the Doctor is going to play out.  And after thinking about it some and taking some things into consideration this is what I’ve put together.

We’ve been watching the adventures of Two Doctors, probably since The Impossible Astronaut.  Consider this, the point where Amy is knocked unconscious we know now is when she’s switched with her Ganger and taken away to the future to give birth to Melody Pond.  But what if that’s not all that happened?  Isn’t it entirely possible that perhaps, somewhere along the lines The Doctor switched places with his ganger?

I know what you’re thinking, “The ganger exploded into a puddle in The Rebel Flesh!”  But there were two lines spoken that suggest otherwise.  First, when the Ganger Doctor says he’s going to die if he stays, The Doctor responds “But this one, we’re not invited to.” Second, The Doctor tells The Ganger Doctor that he can survive this, at least his metaphysical self can.  That said, when it’s all over, and the ganger goes pop, that puddle will have the ability to regenerate.

I think I’ve pinpointed the actual switch in doing a little research for this post.  In the episode The Curse of the Black Spot, which was supposed to air in this half of the season, not when it did, The Doctor’s bow tie changes color several times, from red, which is what he sported throughout season 5, to blue, which is what he’s wearing in the first episode we realize there are two doctors (The Impossible Astronaut) and in the creation of the ganger (The Almost People/The Rebel Flesh).

All the clues are right in front of our eyes.  The switching bow ties.  The rubik’s cube.  In Night Terrors when The Doctor is talking to George, he picks up a Rubik’s cube, twists it about and says that he hates them and could never figure them out, this Doctor is sporting a red bowtie.  In The God Complex, we see the blue bowtie and we see The Doctor not only HAVE a Rubik’s cube, but solve it AND eat an apple.  When the Doctor first regenerated he went to have an apple and he hated it.

This on top of quotes like “We’re all together, back in the flesh“.  And once again switching costumes is all adding up to one thing.

There’s not only two doctor’s, at one point in this storyline there are three and I think the real, actual, Doctor is stowing away in his own TARDIS.  The doctor gets a ganger copy of himself and occasionally switches places with him throughout the story, actually, pending another viewing of The Curse of the Black Spot, I’m going to say every time he goes back to the TARDIS for something they switch.

So in The Almost People/The Rebel Flesh the ganger creates a ganger of himself and that’s the one left to pop at the end of the episode.  The ganger reboards the TARDIS and we still have two doctors.  Let’s skip ahead to Let’s Kill Hitler. Melody Pond, before adopting the name River Song, poisons the ganger doctor, he uses his time to get to the TARDIS and send out the invitations to meet in Utah so everyone can see his death to spark these events into happening.  He also, switches places once again, with the real doctor.

What it’s all going to boil down to, is that The Doctor who dies isn’t THE Doctor, he’s a copy that shouldn’t exist.  I have a feeling Saturday’s episode is going to reveal more than we could hope for and leave us with a stunning season finale the weekend following.


That’s a lot to take in, and for the headache I can only do one thing….


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  1. This is very likely what will happen. Now I have to go bowtie searching through the episodes to see who’s who.

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