MLAG: Issue #8: Steve Jobs

Issue #8: Steve Jobs

By Ryan MacDonald

At first you probably didn’t realize it, but if you sit and think about it Steve Jobs has had a hand in more facets of everyone’s life than most would care to admit.  And it’s more than computers and phones.  It’s the way we live and go about our days with those devices.  He made it all possible for us to take every single one of our favorite things everywhere with us in our pockets.  And while it may just be a sci-fi trope to joke about things being “bigger on the inside” with the products that Jobs helped to create he made that trope real in a sense.  Everything we love at the tap, swipe, and stretch of our fingers.

And it’s not just personal technologies.  He had a hand in revolutionizing animation, too.  If it wasn’t for Steve Jobs we wouldn’t have Pixar, it’d just be another company still fledgling under the umbrella of Lucasfilm.  Don’t get me wrong, THX became a standard of audio quality in cinema, but I have this feeling that if Steve Jobs didn’t buy it back when he did they’d be making digital chop suey out of Star Wars films to this day with the remains of the company.  But, alas, Jobs stepped in and created a brand new power house of animation and had a hand in creating movies that swept more than just awards shows.

People die, Celebrities come and go, and it may not weigh heavily on you, or maybe it does.  I know that, while it didn’t affect a lot of people, I was genuinely saddened by the passing of Pat Morita.  But that’s me.  Anyway, if you think the passing of Steve Jobs has no weight in your life, you need to look around you and see everything that he made possible for you to have in your life.


April 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011


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