MLAG: Issue 10: The Muppets v. FOX News

Issue 10: The Muppets v. FOX News

“I understand your lopsided political agendas.  I do.  And I understand a lot of things about your network and company and it’s fine for people to have their own opinions and to voice them, especially when they’re backed up by facts.  Whether those facts are actual hard evidence facts that, in turn, are backed up by actual physical research or if those facts are hammered out by an army of chimpanzees on type writers taking large doses of opiates and other such drugs is irrelevant.

But recently your company targeted and attacked The Muppets for playing host to “an evil billionaire oil tycoon” as the movies villain and “brain washing children” into having a liberal agenda.  Pardon me for being a bit brash and abrasive with my next question, but, did everyone’s skull cave in at the same time over there?  I mean, that’s the only reason I can see for a nationally revered 24 Hour news network to play host to such claims.  There’s actual news happening in the world.  There is.  I speak for many an American person when I say this, get your heads OUT of your asses.
The Muppets only want a couple of things, to love, be loved, and to give the world the third greatest gift.  And yet, here you stand, pitchforks in hand ready to make wildly absurd claims about The Muppets introducing class warfare into a child’s mind.  It’s absolutely disgusting that someone could find that inside of a movie as pure and innocent and beautiful as The Muppets.  And then compare it something like Syriana.  WHAT?!  WHAT?!
You’ve done nothing but prove to the world, in around about 3 and a half minutes that your sole purpose in your abysmal existence is to destroy EVERYTHING that is wonderful and amazing and beautiful about this world and it’s people and it’s entertainment.  You disgust me, FOX News.  You disgust me.
Mahna Mahna.”
This was my personal reply to the Fox Network after they aired the following 7 minutes of “news” — You’ll have to click to view.
That’s all I can really say on the matter.  I’m completely aghast at how willing they were to throw an american institution as wholesome as The Muppets completely under the “dirty liberal communists!” bus.  I really want to see people standing up against this.
Join me and fight.  Or send a strongly worded letter.

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