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Welp, time for episode two of the second season of The Real Congregation, and this one ain’t no slouch! Marc With a C goes on at length about some would-be classic albums that sadly never saw the light of day by David Bowie and Juliana Hatfield, plays an interactive game with you (heh) concerning the one and only seven-inch by Human Cadavers and also chats about the untimely passing of Kirsty MacColl. Plus- a long talk towards the end about the new reissue of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here!

All this and The Real Congregation’s Strange Record Of The Week, too!


  1. Eulogy For Marcel Marsalis :: Casper & The Cookies
  2. Crazy :: Pylon
  3. I Saw My Baby In The Meat Section :: Human Cadavers
  4. How The Fuck You Get A Deal? :: The Cenobites
  5. Hello Leon (The Enemy is Fragile) :: David Bowie
  6. Mountains Of Love :: Juliana Hatfield
  7. Jogging For Jesus :: Leslie Harris And The House Of Fire
  8. Achy Breaky Heart :: The Chipmunks
  9. Marmalade Hair :: Wimple Winch
  10. Innocence :: Kirsty MacColl
  11. Blame This :: Benjamin Bear
  12. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know :: Herman Dune
  13. Raving And Drooling (live) :: Pink Floyd

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