Netflix No Longer Planning Game Rentals

Last year, Netflix announced that they were planning to split their business. DVD and Blu-Rays would be distributed under a new bsuiness called Qwikster. They had also announced that the Qwikster service would also start distributing video games as a service to its customer base. When Netflix users banded together and universally panned the idea, the service was quickly shelved and scrapped entirely.

One of the lingering questions after the canning of Qwikster was whether or not Netflix would  continue to pursue adding video games to their lineup. In a meeting earlier this week, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings gave the final word on the subject. He confirmed that the company will not be adding games to its shipping service. Gamefly can now breathe a sigh of relief as it will no longer have a competitor in Netflix, and will only have to contend with Blockbusters service for the time being.


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