Twincast Episode #35 “Holiday Returns”

Getting back into the swing of things, is proud to present the latest episode of the Twincast Podcast. As always, you can obtain our podcasts by visiting the podcast download area or directly from iTunes.

This week, a skeleton crew with your host, Counterpunch, and regular podcast members Razorclaw and Tigertracks, take a stab and some of the most pressing news in the Transformers Fandom as well as bring a close to 2011.

We start by discussing our over-Christmas hauls, including Matt’s new addition and Bob’s new car, as well as Mike’s and Matt’s bounties of new toys.

Next, we recap the 2011 holiday season, and our year-in-review article, edited by news-mod extraordinaire Blurrz.

Following that, we give you an overview on the massive set of new galleries from Ryan.

Finally, we get into the topic on everyone’s mind: BotCon 2012 and the figure set. We discuss “The Overlord” Gigatron, SG Treadshot and the Universe connection, SG Soundwave and the Cold Slither tie in, and SG Tracks, as well as speculation on registration, which has occurred since recording.

We also give you some tips for maximizing your convention experience. is your ultimate Transformers resource!


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