The Fake Congregation :: Filmation’s Congregation 1/3/11


What’s this weird graphic? What’s going on?! Bwa-ha-ha-ha! I’ve hijacked Marc’s airwaves for the week leaving you with the podcast equivalent of Filmation’s Ghostbusters, when we all know Marc is the Real Ghostbusters. Even though your host is different, the agenda is the same: eclectic, weird, and cool music – some you might like, some you might never want to hear again.  Join me for a tangential, on-the-fly playlist, with stories, track background, and a rousing game of mp3 roulette.


  1. Rage Hard :: Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  2. Stayed Awake All Night :: Bachman Turner Overdrive
  3. The Rhythm of the Heat [New Blood version] :: Peter Gabriel
  4. Half Acre :: Hem
  5. Aleaughorryms :: Jackson aka Ms. Paintbrush
  6. State of Independence :: Jon & Vangelis
  7. Red Rain :: Shark Tank
  8. Carnival Musicians :: John Avery Bice
  9. Medley: Once In A Lifetime, Life During Wartime, Crosseyed & Painless :: Pride of Arizona
  10. Medley: This Must Be The Place, Burnin’ Down The House :: Pride of Arizona
  11. Moving the River [Acoustic Version] :: Paddy McAloon
  12. How to Be Invisible :: Kate Bush
  13. Doo-Wop in Harlem :: Prefab Sprout
  14. Give Us The Wind :: Future Islands
  15. MmmMmmMmm [Live] :: Brad Roberts

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