The Real Congregation :: A “Seminal” Chat With Steve Garron


In some small circles in the southeastern United States, Steve Garron is a living legend. His first group, Precious, were poised to be “The Next Big Thing” – complete with the prerequisite label deals and high profile Warped Tour slots to prove it. Unfortunately Precious was sidelined at their height of their powers by Garron’s failing health, and the fantastic (and sadly, long out of print) records that were left behind in their wake have been coveted by the lucky few that formed a small sort of cult around the group.

In this episode of The Real Congregation, we’re lucky enough to have a long sit down chat with the man himself. With a heavy focus on the debut album with his band Potsie – who have seemingly broken up before their self-titled album has hit the streets (for similar reasons to Precious), we touch on everything that you’ve ever (or never) heard about this songwriting mastermind. Steve holds nothing back in this episode and opens up on a bevy of topics: the rumors, the arrests, the stalking, the long history of drug addiction, and even what the future holds for all of his various incarnations.

It’s a fascinating (and sometimes heartbreaking) saga of one man’s relentless creativity, and The Real Congregation is proud to bring it to you!


  1. Frozen Han Solo :: Precious
  2. Steve Garron :: Steve Garron
  3. Drakkar Noir :: Potsie
  4. The Mighty Rock Hudson :: Precious
  5. Work :: Precious
  6. Muffin Top :: Potsie
  7. ETF/RTF :: Precious
  8. Sucking The Bad :: Potsie
  9. I Love You, Daddy :: Steve Garron
  10. Youth And The Drug Explosion :: Precious
  11. Overcometh :: Precious
  12. These Hands :: Potsie
  13. Ballyhoo :: Potsie
  14. All Saints :: Precious

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