The Fake Congregation :: Canned Cherry Surprise


You’ve been Cap-napped.  I got you tied up in a stadium lavatory.  I’ve got soothing balms and jello flavors in various stages of firmness.  I’ve got a craft buffet featuring a wide variety of melon-based dishes and you’ve got to watch while I eat ‘em all.  Don’t worry, I’ve got the perfect soundtrack.  My sexy baboon assistant in the sequined dress will put your headphones on.  Here’s what’s goin’ down:

You’ve stumbled down a manhole at the avenue of time and space.  An endless tunnel of neon and wind-swept hotness we like to call: The Fake Congregation.  In this episode I share with you some of my favorite finds from the Orange You Glad and Ultra music festivals, peculiar cuts with interesting back stories, try my hand at a dangerous game of mp3 roulette, and attempt to decipher the enigma of Was (Not Was).  Can you dig it?


  1. Intro :: Scissor Sisters
  2. Electrobix :: Scissor Sisters
  3. The Emperor’s New Clothes :: Sinéad O’Connor
  4. Fronting :: Saskatchewan
  5. Carry :: Zambri
  6. Animal :: Miike Snow
  7. Me Myself I :: Joan Armatrading
  8. Separate Beds :: Squeeze
  9. Token Back to Brooklyn :: They Might Be Giants
  10. Get it Away :: David Byrne
  11. I’m 49 :: Paddy McAloon
  12. Noel Vs. Lily :: Frisky & Mannish
  13. Lily Vs. Noel :: Frisky & Mannish
  14. Earth to Doris :: Was (Not Was)
  15. Outta My System (Alternate Universe Take) :: My Morning Jacket
  16. Snack Attack :: Godley & Creme
  17. Sleep it Off :: That Handsome Devil
  18. Looking For Clues :: Robert Palmer
  19. Clouds Across the Moon (12″ Version) :: The RAH Band
  20. My Boo :: Astronautalis
  21. Giehe 1977 :: Bleubird
  22. Baby Universal :: Tin Machine
  23. Dad I’m in Jail :: Was (Not Was)

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