Cartoon Network Bringing Back Toonami

Remember Toonami? The program block on Cartoon Network brought us a number of action cartoons and anime. During it’s eleven year run, it gave us a home to such shows as Thunder Cats, Voltron, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Robotech, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, ReBoot, and others. It was a huge part of many of our childhood’s and was one of the reasons a lot of us looked forward to coming home from school.

The network has announced that the programming block will make its return on May 26. The network pulled an April fools prank by bringing it back for one day. A huge response from the fan base and marketing research from the network helped them make the decison to bring it back. The fan base took to Twitter and got the term #BringBackToonami to become a globally trending term.

As of now, no shows have been announced for the programming block. The timeslot will be hosted by an updated version of the TOM character that hosted the segment back in the day.


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