The Real Congregation :: More Beatles Than Beatles


The world of Beatles covers is so expansive and unpredictable, but Marc With a C has done the dirty work of trying to jump into this dense world, playing you some of the most striking examples of this phenomenon. You’ll find that special attention is paid to the White Album era, with more “strange records” per capita than the average episode.

When the focus is on The Beatles, everyone wins. Tune in!






  1. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band :: Jimi Hendrix
  2. You Can’t Do That :: Harry Nilsson
  3. And Your Bird Can Sing :: I Fight Dragons
  4. Because :: Ringo Ska
  5. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer :: Steve Martin
  6. Got To Get You Into My Life :: Earth, Wind & Fire
  7. Back In The USSR :: Aonami
  8. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da :: Woofers & Tweeters Ensemble (Beatle Barkers)
  9. Wild Honey Pie :: Pixies
  10. Happiness Is A Warm Gun :: The Breeders
  11. Blackbird :: Bucket Of Nails
  12. Rocky Raccoon :: Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo
  13. Piggies :: Bubblyfish
  14. Savoy Truffle :: They Might Be Giants
  15. Helter Skelter :: Secession
  16. Yesterday :: Ray Charles
  17. I Am The Walrus :: Oingo Boingo
  18. Yellow Submarine :: Mrs. Miller
  19. Within You Without You :: Sonic Youth
  20. Nowhere Man (live) :: The Smashing Pumpkins
  21. Hey Jude/Atlantis :: The New Christy Minstrels

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