Guardians of Geekdom Episode 1: Things That Make Us Feel Dirty


Welcome to the very first episode of Guardians of Geekdom (Or GoG for short)!  On this very first episode our hosts, Dusty, Jenny, and Bacon, introduce themselves and what makes them worthy to carry the mantle of geek. In addition they go over their favorite Horror/Supernatural movie and video games, they talk about the upcoming show “Arrow”, they give their thoughts on the first 3 episodes of Revolution (WARNING!Slight spoilers involved), and discuss upcoming plans for the podcast.

Check out The Covert Cast, a Paranormal/Conspiracy podcast hosted by Dusty and sometimes other members of the GoG.

Our intro comes from the band Sci-Fried.  It’s the song “Geeks Rule the World” from their album Co-op mode.

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