The Real Congregation :: Inside Of David Bowie’s Outside


Marc With a C and Cap Blackard are hardcore David Bowie nerds. Spurred on by the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Bowie’s first album in ten years, The Next Day, they’e taken this opportunity to delve head first into trying to decode what may be DB’s most fascinating/frustrating work of all time: 1. Outside.

Originally released as the first volume of a dystopian non-linear hyper cycle story, Outside offers up just enough information to keep your hosts talking for a full three hours about all aspects of the story, inception and possible future of the project, yet it offers no satisfying conclusion. We analyze it from every possible angle, and offer you theories, unreleased music, b-sides and rare mixes to try and piece together The Nathan Adler Diaries once and for all!


The Heart’s Filthy Lesson :: David Bowie
Joe The Lion (live) :: David Bowie
Segue: Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette) :: David Bowie
We Prick You (live) :: David Bowie
The Motel :: David Bowie
Hurt (live) :: Nine Inch Nails & David Bowie
I’m Deranged :: David Bowie
Segue: Nathan Adler (II) :: David Bowie
Strangers When We Meet :: David Bowie
Get Real :: David Bowie
I Wanna Be :: David Bowie
I’m Afraid Of Americans (Showgirls version) :: David Bowie
Where Are We Now? :: David Bowie


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