The Real Congregation :: You Get Nasty, Girl!


If you’re up for an episode containing, but not limited to:

– new releases

– strange records

– albums that Marc With a C was initially dead wrong about

– Fred Schneider impressions

– a block of songs by Syd Barrett

– dick jokes a-plenty

…then boy howdy, this is going to be your favorite episode of The Real Congregation ever


To The Stone :: Blinker The Star
Break On Through (mono mix) :: The Doors
Too Many Rappers :: Beastie Boys
That Ain’t Right :: The Hot Toddies
If I Am :: My Bloody Valentine
Just Make It Stop :: Low
Ironic Dick :: My Dick
The Tra-La-La Song :: The Banana Splits
Silent Treatment :: The Bangles
Strobe Light :: The B-52′s
Goodnight Unknown :: Lou Barlow
Octopus :: Syd Barrett
Rats :: Syd Barrett
Gigolo Aunt (“Peel Sessions” version) :: Syd Barrett
Opel :: Syd Barrett
Someone Keeps Calling My Name :: Baby Grandmothers


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