Slacker & The Man Episode 277: I Would Bang Hulk Hogan


On this episode of Slacker And The Man the guys discuss their recent trip to Mos Eisley Toys And Collectibles, an MMA fighter who ruined his penis, a racist Papa John’s delivery driver,  a Fresh Prince reunion, the WWE rebooting the Leprechaun films,  James Lipton being a pimp, Dobbs watching Star Trek Enterprise for the first time, and FNG has to sing iPod karaoke. They also review Hangover 3, The Great And Powerful Oz, Two Headed Shark Attack, Megashark Vs Crocasaurus, and FDR: American Badass.

Visit Mos Eisley Toys And Collectibles online!

Next week’s Netflix movie we will review is Valhalla Rising.

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