The Real Congregation :: Audrey Is A Good Host (Part Three)


Last year, Marc With a C was ordered to go on vocal rest by his doctor, and in a pinch, we enlisted Audrey (a TTS bot) to help out and host the show. Things didn’t exactly go as planned, and Audrey attempted a hostile takeover of the show. However, due to our loyalty – not to mention feeling bad about her inability to translate her talents into work that would allow her the chance for world domination – we’ve decided to give her one more chance to treat the audience (and Marc) with a bit more respect. She’s assured us that she’ll stick to a script this time. What could possibly go wrong?


Party Platter :: WH Records
Telephone Line :: Electric Light Orchestra
Awkward Age :: Joe Jackson
Geek Love Song :: Debs And Errol
The Mystery’s Gone :: The Doubleclicks
Ceiling Of Plankton :: GIVERS
Drawing A Picture :: Robert Pollard
Freaky In The Club :: R. Kelly
I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby :: Barry White
Double Chocolate Malted :: Jonathan Richman
Wasted Years :: Iron Maiden
Times Tables (With Soul And A Beat) :: Archie Moore


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