The Real Congregation :: Hurry Up With My Damn Croissants


Are you tired of not listening to The Real Congregation? Good! That’s when we are at our best!

This week, Marc With a C plays you some new releases, some strange records from Rob Potylo/Robby Roadsteamer, continues “The Journey” (details within), tells tales of a co-worker that inadvertantly turned him on to an obscure Japanase rock band, and offers you some glimpses into proof that rock and roll is in safe hands with the youth of today!


Lantern Light :: Peter & The Wolves
I Am A God :: Kanye West
Keywords & Dubstep :: Professor Shyguy
Leaving Here :: The Strypes
Master Of Doin’ It :: Wax Audio
Hot Dogs & Applesauce (live) :: Rob Potylo
The Heart Of A Rhino :: Robby Roadsteamer
Parentheses :: The Blow
As Far As I Can See :: Tim Booth
Keep Me Down :: Boston Spaceships
Ready To Pop :: Boston Spaceships
(E.T.I.) Extraterrestrial Intelligence :: Blue Oyster Cult
Hangman’s Dance :: Bloodrock
My Neighbor Satan :: Boris


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