The Real Congregation :: The Monkees – Part Two


You’ve heard Marc With a C geek out about The Monkees for years. Are you ready to see what this fandom is really all about?

Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork were hired to portray a band in a television series. In the span of their first two and a half years, they’d go on to become a real, live, working band that outsold The Beatles and The Rolling Stones combined. Under the direction of Bert Schneider and Bob Rafelson, they’d also come to redefine television as we know it.

This episode focuses on the murky underworld of the years from 1968-1970. The television show was over, but the band went on to make possibly the most bizarre and wonderful feature film of all-time, Head. Ill-fated attempts at television specials and appearances ensued, and at least one of the remaining members was publicly losing their grip on reality.

It’s safe to say that today’s entertainment landscape would be virtually unrecognizable without the influence of The Monkees. Marc With a C is joined by fellow Monkees fanatic/expert Chris Zabriskie for this two-part episode!


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