The Real Congregation :: Marc’s 15 Favorite Albums Of 2013


As we come to yet another anniversary of revolutions around the sun, a young person’s fancy turns to that of the “year end” list. This isn’t your average one, though. Y’see, Marc With a C didn’t hear every single album released in 2013. Would’ve been impossible, right? As a result, this episode is chock full o’ tracks from Marc’s favorite albums of the year. A personal list.

In previous years, our list has gone backwards, but that never worked too well for readin’ purposes, so this time around? We start with the favorite and work our way down to number 15 properly.

Take a listen! And tell us what would have been on your list!



  1. Zero Man :: Milk Carton Superstars (from A Sesame Streetcar Named Disaster)
  2. New Slaves :: Kanye West (from Yeezus)
  3. The Wolfman Kindly Requests :: Clutch (from Earth Rocker)
  4. Man :: Neko Case (from The Worse Things Get…)
  5. The Next Day :: David Bowie (from The Next Day)
  6. The Opener :: Schaffer The Darklord (from Sick Passenger)
  7. Dancing In My Dick :: My Dick (from My Dick’s Double Full Length Release)
  8. Roller Rink Guard :: Precious (from the Precious “bag set”)
  9. I Killed A Man Who Looks Like You :: Robert Pollard (from Honey Locust Honky Tonk)
  10. Science, Life & ABC’s :: Professor Shyguy (from Rated Heart)
  11. The Guy Who Yelled Freebird :: The Doubleclicks (from Lasers and Feelings)
  12. Persia :: Blinker The Star (from Songs From Lanikea Beach)
  13. The Everpresent New Times Condition :: Saturday Looks Good To Me (from One Kiss Ends It All)
  14. Cornelia And Jane :: Yo La Tengo (from Fade)
  15. Lights On :: R. Kelly (from Black Panties)

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