Slacker & The Man Episode 309: Slave Labia


On this episode of Slacker And The Man the guys discuss BBQing, the WWE’s big announcement, Peter Parker coming back to Spider-Man comics, Chris Evans being a douche, Star Wars movie news, odd news stories, they review R.I.P.D., Mass Effect 3, and the TV show Vegas. The guys also go over items you can buy or bid on to help keep a local Tampa theater open.

All bids and orders should be sent to by 8pm EST on 01/19/14. The winners of the auction items will be announced on episode 310.

Items for sale:
$5 ($7 if shipped): Deadliest Geek Warrior CD (Either digital download or physical CD)
$1 per episode (Digital): Episodes 1 through 60 of Slacker And The Man
$1 (Digital): Never before aired Firefly episode of Slacker And The Man
$1: Ask Mashers any question you want answered from a woman’s perspective

High bid on auctions will be updated here daily. Money for auctions is due no later than Tuesday, January 21, 2014. For more detailed descriptions of the items listen to episode 309, which is included in this post. Send bids to with your name and bid amount.

Mashers provide chauffeur services for someone, in a chauffeur costume within the Orlando/Tampa area.
Current Bid: $5.

Mashers clean a room at someone’s home in a French maid costumewithin the Orlando/Tampa area.
Current Bid: $20.

Shooting lessons with The Man.
Current bid: $25.

1 – 2 hour MMA lesson with FNG.
Current Bid: $10.

Game night and BBQ with the SaTM crew at Dobb’s house.
Current Bid: $25.

35 mm reel of film of trailer from South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut.
Current Bid: $5.

Fine/Very Fine X-Men 101 comic, first appearance of The Phoenix.
Current Bid: $5.

Limited Edition Bowen Designs Spider-Man 2099 statue.
Current Bid: $50.

Have any Deadliest Geek Warrior fight discussed on the show.
Current Bid: $5.

Autographed Slacker And The Man Deadliest Geek Warrior CD.
Current Bid: $5.


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