The Nerd Groove :: Episode 11 :: Rise of the Artists


Your monthly fix for Nerd Music is here! Join Dr. Vern and dig The Nerd Groove!

Dig this Nerd Music lovers: as of this 12th episode of The Nerd Groove (we had an episode zero) we’ve featured over 200 songs from over 130 different artists. There’s strength in numbers. If what the haters said was true, our artists base would be rapidly dwindling. Instead, it’s ever-growing. Nerd Music is ever on the rise, and it’s here to stay.

Let this episode kick your con season into gear with mixtape from the modern era of nerd music. Featuring…

3D6, Dr. Awkward, Bonecage, Professor Shyguy, Marc With a C, 2D6, Satellite High, TheFifthSister, Adam Warrock, Thundering Asteroids!, Backburner, Mega Ran, The Bossfights, The Grammar Club, Wheelie Cyberman, Kirby Krackle, MC Frontalot, Molly Lewis, H2Awesome, I Fight Dragons, Press Start 2 Play, Warp 11, Supercommuter, Stumblebee, and Sci-Fried

Groove out with us here on The Nerd Groove, and don’t forget – for all the latest nerd jams 24-7, keep on grooving over atNerdy.FM. Download the new Nerdy.FM app and listen anywhere!




  1. I Love Star Wars Anyway :: 3D6
  2. Different :: Dr. Awkward
  3. Nathan The Predator :: Bonecage
  4. Red Light Special :: Professor Shyguy featuring Marc With a C
  5. I Will Tapdance On Your Grave If You Don’t Stop Yelling At My Cat :: 2D6 featuring Satellite High
  6. All Aboard The SS Fangirl :: TheFifthSister
  7. Shaun :: Adam Warrock
  8. I Don’t Want To Be A Superhero :: Thundering Asteroids!
  9. Idea Junkies :: Backburner featuring Mega Ran
  10. Co-Op Mode :: Sci-Fried and The Bossfights
  11. Last Good Day :: The Grammar Club featuring Wheelie Cyberman
  12. The Day My Powers Arrived :: Kirby Krackle
  13. Indier Than Thou :: MC Frontalot
  14. An Open Letter To Stephen Fry :: Molly Lewis
  15. Why So Serious? :: H2Awesome
  16. Eighteen :: I Fight Dragons
  17. It’s a Trap :: Dr. Awkward
  18. Portal To My Heart :: Press Start 2 Play
  19. Old Country Doctor (The Ballad of Bones) :: Warp 11
  20. Natural Immunity :: Supercommuter featuring Stumblebee


Background Jams From Sci-Fried’s 8-Bit Instrumentals:



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