The Nerd Groove :: Episode 12 :: The Summer of Nerd Love


Your monthly fix for Nerd Music is here! Join Dr. Vern and dig The Nerd Groove!

Nerd Music lovers everywhere rejoice – the summer tours have ended and Dr. Vern is back!

As con season wraps, there’s some amazing new grooves in the air. The summer of 2015 was filled with Nerd Music love. Want proof? Major cons and festivals are featuring nerd artists in record numbers.

All this time on the road has given Vern time to reflect, and in this episode, the latest, hottest tracks share the podwaves with great songs from nerdy history indelibly tethered to the very dabric of America. Featuring tracks from…

Mega Ran, The Doubleclicks, Adam Warrock, The Protomen, The Last Word Benders, Ambush Vin, Benjamin Bear, Marc With a C, Sci-Fried, Mikey Mason, TheFifthSister, Alpha Riff, Benjamin Briggs, Art Brut, I Fight Dragons, MC Lars, Jonathan Coulton, Steam Powered Giraffe, Kirby Krackle, and Dr. Awkward.

Groove out with us here on The Nerd Groove, and don’t forget – for all the latest nerd jams 24-7, keep on grooving over atNerdy.FM. Download the new Nerdy.FM app and listen anywhere!



  1. Darth Perfectus :: Ambush Vin
  2. Hold Back The Night :: The Protomen
  3. Wheaton’s Law :: The PDX Broadsides
  4. Your Favorite Song :: Mega Ran
  5. DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake :: Art Brut
  6. Mario Kart 64 – See You Next Time! :: Benjamin Briggs
  7. I’m Gonna Miss You :: Marc With a C
  8. Hulkbuster :: Adam Warrock
  9. Money (Klopfenpop Mix) :: I Fight Dragons
  10. Hello :: TheFifthSister and Alpha Riff
  11. Download This Song :: MC Lars
  12. Tiny Paper Elephant :: The Doubleclicks
  13. Wanna Be Your Jedi :: Sci-Fried and Mikey Mason
  14. Never Read The Comments :: Benjamin Bear
  15. Code Monkey :: Jonathan Coulton
  16. Anime in the Streets, Hentai In The Sheets :: The Last Wordbenders
  17. Mecto Amore :: Steam Powered Giraffe
  18. Frank The Pocket :: Kirby Krackle
  19. I Wish I Made That :: Dr. Awkward


Background Jams by Benjamin Briggs:



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