2015 A Look Back And A Look Forward


It’s hard to believe that another year has passed us by. 2015 was quite a year and was a great one in may ways. The year was full of great new experiences. Among the things I got to experience for the first time were a renaissance fair, a science center, a bloggers conference, my first press pass to an anime convention, and a roller derby bout.


The year provided many opportunities to attend geeky events. A goal of mine was to attend at least twenty events. I managed to conquer that goal by attending 22 events in total in 2015. It was both a good and bad thing. I am proud to be able to accomplish the goal but I feel that I did not adequately cover the events. I had my usual assortment of photos, but that was it. A goal for the next year will be to vary the coverage while I bring the event experience to my audience. I already have a few ideas going around as to how to accomplish that.


Events are a good part of the site’s coverage. With the number of events, I will try to vary the types of events to give a great representation of geek culture. Among the events I covered for the first time were a renaissance fair and a blogger conference. Both great experiences and hopefully I will be able to attend more types of events.


Another facet of the site is the geeky content that is showcases. Several podcasts, reviewers, and other content have been featured on the site as well as content of my own. Some of the content has gone due to various factors. A goal for the upcoming year will be to fill some of the void and showcase new content and help to promote other content creators. This comes from one of the original ideas and goals of the site: geeks uniting in one central front. Whether you love Star Trek, Star Wars or any other Star series, there will be something for everyone. That driving force is what powers the site. It also powers my life.


The photo coverage on the site has always been a focus and will remain so. There is always room for improvement and I will seek to step up my game more so this year. I will be looking to do more photoshoots and be more creative with my photos. I have some great shots from last year and look forward to the memories I will save this year.


Here’s to bigger and better in 2016. The goal for this year is quality. I look forward to bringing you the best this site has had to offer.


Geeks Unite!




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