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transformers deviations

IDW’s Deviations is a series of one shot comics presenting various what if scenarios. One small change can cause massive ripple effects through the universe. Transformers Deviations explores the ramifications of changing one of the major moments from the series. What would happen if Optimus Prime did not die during Transformers: The Movie?


The story opens right as Optimus Prime makes his way to Autobot City. From there, Hot Rod is stopped from interfering with the battle and Optimus Prime decidedly wins the battle against Megatron. The Decepticons retreat as usual and that is where things change. Unicron still threatens the universe, but now he has a new hearld to complete his plans.


The artwork in this comic is fantastic. It really brings out the G1 style and is just fun to look at. One of the main reasons I do not read IDW’s regular Transformers series is mainly due to the art. I am just not a fan of it, but this comic takes on the G1 feel and really helps sell the book.


The story is fun and feels like it would actually happen in this universe.

My only complaint about this book is the character of Ultra Magnus. Something just seems off about him. His treatment of Hot Rod is deplorable and he honestly comes off as a complete dick. I have never been a fan of Magnus, but he is a wise, veteran soldier who tries to get the best out of his troops. His character in this book was just awful. Other than that, I love this comic and recommend you picking it up.


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