Mega Ran – Mat Mania


Mega Ran continues to amaze with his rap skills. The long time wrestling fan has released a new EP of all wrestling tunes. Mat Mania features Mega Ran remixing multiple wrestling themes and rapping over them with his unique lyrics. The album was released this week just in time for Wrestlemania.


Featuring nine tracks, the album ranges from classic to contemporary and all in between when it comes to the wrestlers featured. Mega Ran raps to the themes of Macho Man, Jake The Sanke. Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, The New Day and others.

I highly enjoyed this album. The lyrics were great, the beats were catchy and the respect shown to the wrestlers is instantly recognizable. Mega Ran’s love of wrestling shines through in this album and just makes the album fun to listen to. This is a definite pickup for hip hop and wrestling fans alike.


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