Six Years Strong


Hello, geeks. Randy here with another blog. It’s that time of year again. Today is Geek World Order’s birthday. Still hard to believe that this site has been going strong for six years now. It’s been another fun year that has done a lot to keep rekindling my love of geek culture.


This time last year, I was in the middle of one of my busiest years ever. I was on a mission to attend at least 20 events last year. I’m happy to say that I accomplished that. I am working on doing more of the same this year. I have always wanted to have geeky events be on of the cornerstones of this site. That has stayed strong as always with the photo coverage. Seeing my skills sharpen and be involved with different aspects of photography has been a highlight for me. It’s something I want to expand upon as well. I would love to done individual and themed shoots to really expand the sites content.


Speaking of content, I have to thank those who have provided content in the past such as podcasts, reviews, and other videos. Anyone who has allowed me to post that content on Geek World Order knows how much I appreciate that content and love to show off geek created content. I am currently looking for more content to showcase. Life happens and the content creators I have worked with are currently on a hiatus or working on other projects that do not fit in with the site. I wish you all the best and hope that I have helped in your success in even a small way. As I have done before, I will find new content to bring to you. I will also be working on my own content. I already have a few ideas brewing for different review videos, plus some other video ideas that I am choosing not to talk about yet until they are further developed.


Along with the content itself, I am learning new ways to think and create content. I have had the privilege the past few months to work behind the scenes with some upcoming and current web content with Get Out Your Feelingz Productions. I am learning a number of things in front of and behind the camera that are really getting the ideas flowing. Thank you for that.


This site has always been a refuge for me. Real life stress creeps in from time to time and I always try to find something to work on for the site. That renewed focus really keeps me centered and often times keeps me from spiraling into depression. There are times though that I feel I am neglecting the site. It happens. Sometimes I get busy at work and forget to post updates for a few days. I apologize to my audience and will definitely work on improving that. I owe you guys the great content you come to expect. I am working to strike the right balance and get a renewed focus. Keep tight for the ride. It’s gonna be worth it.


Thank you all for the support and the love you all have shown me the past six years. The next year will be a year of growth and exploration. It’s time to take this site to new places.


Geek Unite!




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