Nerd Music Meltdown #04: Random Encounter’s Jackson Parodi


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Welcome to the Nerd Music Meltdown, hosted by Kent Ward (@fistofthemfk). Each episode, Kent will chat with prominent people in the nerd music community, whether it be video game bands, chiptune artists, nerdcore emcees, and more.

In this episode we interview Jackson Alexander Parodi, who plays accordion in the video game band Random Encounter. But for years, he’s played his own video game music, with dozens of videos on his YouTube channel, and he is classically trained in music.

We talk about how his love for video game music motivated him to learn accordion, how he got discovered by Random Encounter, and how they took to him. Jackson has been doing covers of WWE theme songs recently, which has gotten a lot of attention on social media. We’ll be talking that, favorite wrestlers and video games. Enjoy!

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